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The most erotic massage ever – Nuru massage London

Also called “body slide”, this special treatment our nuru massage London therapists will offer any client comes from ancient Japan and is intended to both enhance one’s sexual life, but also to make him aware about everything that surrounds him.

The first thing a client will notice is how beautiful our masseuses are in the dim light of scented candles, surrounded by mood inspiring music. As he is led to a bathtub filled with foam, he will be handed a glass of red wine. While taking together a bath that will soften the skin and relax the mind, our professional therapist will engage in a small conversation, so to make the client feel as comfortable as ever.

Nuru massage London

Nuru massage London

Since this is a very special massage, the masseuse will gently touch and rub each inch of the client’s skin, sometimes taking her time in the more erogenous zones.
Our nuru massage London therapist will know when to stop, because this is just a simple sneak preview of what is going to happen next.
The client will then be lead in the massage room, on an air mattress. Positioned with his face down, he will feel the warm, soft nuru gel dripping on his body, covering every single inch of his skin. The masseuse will talk to him about this, and about that, while she is covering herself with the same gel.
She will then begin massaging his back, gently, with her hands, pressing each muscle, caressing his neck, lower and lower. Since this is body-slide, the client will feel our W1, W2, SW1, SW2 is laying on him, touching his body with her entire body.
We already said that this is the most erotic massage ever, but the eroticism doesn’t reside in the fact that the masseuse presses the client’s back with her breasts, with her feet, with her womanhood. The eroticism is in the approach, the intimacy between the client and someone who recently was a perfect stranger.
This closeness is quintessential for London nuru massage. That is why the bath and the conversations are necessary, in order to break this barrier.

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